Thursday, August 26, 2010

signed, sealed, delivered

yesterday was the first day of school for district 114. my kids were not in attendance. in the morning Xander & Revi were outside & Xander had a backpack on. one kid tried to tell him where the bus-stop was & an adult neighbor asked him why he wasn't going to the bus. the boys simply said, no, we're homeschooled. GO BOYS!!

my letter was sent to the school & they are now "official" homeschoolers. Zoe read the letter I sent the school aloud to the boys & no one really got what it was. I broke down the fancy talk & they got huge smiles on their faces... they understand that homeschool is what we are doing & they really get how awesome of an opportunity they really have. no, not like Logan & I get it, but they really are more getting it now than a month ago.

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