Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rollerblading lessons and couch handstands

As I type this the kids are rollerblading. Zoe has rollerskated a few times before. The boys never have been vertical on skates (Revi has had them on before but refused to stand). Logan had to clear massive amounts of goose poop of of the concrete at the skate park so it wasn't so nasty. Revi and Xander had falling down contests- who can fall down the most- and also raced to get up fastest. They are each pros at both now. They all seem top really love to skate but it would be much easier if we lived on a flat street and gear didn't take twenty minutes to put on and fifteen to take off and pack up....

This morning we had gymnastics in the living room as well. Handstands on the couch actually. Those were hilarious.

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