Thursday, August 26, 2010

not going back to school

... that what the name of the picnic we attended today :-) the kids got to play with over a dozen other homeschooled kids today & were elated to meet all these other kids who are like them & not going to school this year. Zoe even recognized a kid from her school & grade that had begged his mom to pull him out of school like his older sister. it was so refreshing to chat with other parents who just don't feel that the public school system is right for their kids.

today was a social day, as well as gym. Zoe & Xander spent a long time in the sand & on the paddle boat on Spruce Lake, while Revi laid out in the sun for some self-prescribed quiet time & then ran around/played legos with Tommy, Isaiah, Friday, Garret & Keifer. Wrenna played with the sliding glass door & had a blast.

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